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Our Projects
Our project purpose is to promote documented environmental, social and economic benefits in a demonstration farm which will be a regional model for expanding organic agriculture.

Communities who wish to reduce water use, reduce water contamination, reduce soil erosion, carbon emissions, and increase biodiversity, organic farming makes sense. With the ecological methods introduced by organic farming, such a building soil capacity (soil fertility and water-holding ability), and increasing biodiversity for natural protection of crops, the regional environment can be incrementally improved with time and the performance of organic systems.

Socially the farm can function as an educational and recreational resource for the Navasota community. Coordination with local elementary schools, as well as, schools for children with special needs, can allow those organizations to take field trips to the farm to learn about farming and participate in harvesting.

Summer day camps may visit to learn about nature and where food comes from. Community service workers may bring youth to the farm to experience vibrant, active, working green space. Workshops will be hosted at the farm to teach local gardeners the importance of a sustainable ecosystem. Volunteers are welcome and may be incorporated into work-study programs during the summer. The farm is also meant to engage different age groups: senior citizens are an integral part of the operation of the farm, giving to it and receiving from it. The farm will be open for festivals, picnics, outdoor performances, wildlife study, cooking classes, wine tastings during the second year or operation. These types of programming will supplement farm income. Likewise, as the demonstration farm brings joy and creativity, there may be times of adversity. Challenges to the social aspect may be caused by garden pest damage or too much rain which may halt or temporarily slow down farm tours and community outreach programs. In the event of part-time work at the farm, alternative for-hire work would be in my profession as a nutritionist or vegetable garden installations at homes in yards or lots. We also plan to have large and small container gardening on site.

Companion crops include basil for tomatoes, peppers, asparagus; dried bay leaves/cayenne/peppermint for most plants; garlic around peach, apple and pear trees; lavender nearby fruit trees; sunflowers for lettuce; nasturtiums for tomatoes, cabbage, cucumbers, fruit trees, neem plant for pest repellent on most plants

Land of Milk and Honey Vegetable Farm LLC is a new organic method farm that provides an ideal setting for people of all ages and abilities to learn how to garden or improve garden skills. It is a great place to meet your neighbors and have fun being active outside.

Participating in the Farm is easy. Check in with the manager, work for one hour, take home fresh vegetables for free! Become a corporate sponsor of projects, your employees are rewarded with fresh vegetables for three months. Planting date: April 2013, Harvest date: June/July.

We will be open Monday through Saturday- 10AM to 3PM, Year Round.
We are located at 114 Clayton Street, Navasota, Texas 77868, just behind the Mt. Calvary Baptist Church, Pastor Gregory Baldwin.

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Land of Milk & Honey Vegetable Farm LLC

114 Clayton Street
Navasota, Texas 77868
Phone: 832-343-3221
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Hours of Operation
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
(Year Round)